Associate professor, coordinator of the program

Amazonia, research ethics, Indigenous research methodologies, relational ontologies, Indigenous epistemologies, Indigenous sustainability, traditional knowledge, TEK

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Senior Researcher, Kone Foundation fellow 2020–2024, postdoctoral fellow within Sustainability Science (HELSUS) (2018-2020).

Indigenous research methodologies, Indigenous cosmologies, Sámi ontologies, Indigenous sustainability, traditional ecological knowledge, post qualitative research methods, research writing

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Associated Senior researcher

Indigenous research methodologies, Sámi epistemology

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Associated researcher

Sámi games, Indigenous games, Game jamming, Indigenous Game Design, Indigenous worldview, Indigenous research methodologies, Intangible heritage, Ethnoprogramming, Indigenous programming, Indigenous ICT, Human-Computer Interaction

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University Researcher within Indigenous Studies and the Environmental Humanities Programme at UH (HUH) (2017-2019/2021-2022). P.I. and Senior Researcher of the KONE Säätiö project, A tangible heritage: Vepsian language and non-human agencies to co-construct a northern environment (2019-2021)

Linguistic, Environmental, and Medical Anthropology, Indigenous Methodologies, Human-Environment relations, Heritage Language Revival Movements, Language Responsibility and Materiality

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