Within HuSoEd there are several research groups that each have their own field of subject education in which they specialize. You can access these research groups through the links below and find information, for example, about current projects and latest publications of each group.

Foreign Language Education 

The Research Group for Foreign Language Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki researches and develops foreign language education. The members of the group have a wide range of research foci within foreign language education at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education as well as in teacher education. They also participate actively in developing and implementing in-service training.

For more information, visit the website of the Research Group for Foreign Language Education.

Contact person: Associate Professor Raili Hildén, raili.hilden[at]

Geography and Environmental Education

The Research Group for Geography and Environmental Education has two main tasks: the research concerning geography education and environmental education.Studies of Geography education build bridges between academic discipline of geography and geography taught at schools. It applies new perspectives in geography to teaching at schools and, on the other hand, brings the living environment of children and young people into the sphere of geographical research.

For more information, visit the Geography and Environmental Education group's homepage. 

Contact person: Professor Sirpa Tani, sirpa.tani[at]

Language and Literature Education

The Research Centre for Finnish Language and Literature Education studies, in particular, subject didactic questions related to the teaching of mother tongue and literature and Finnish as a second language. The multi-methodological research is based on Education, Linguistics, Literary Studies and Communication. Of particular interest to the centre are questions related to teaching and learning to read and write, as well as issues related to language and literature education and teaching and learning of interaction skills and pedagogics of drama.  A key research target is the teacher education of teachers teaching mother tongue and literature as well as Finnish as a second language from early childhood education to upper secondary level education. 

For more information, visit the Language and Literature Education group's homepage. 

Contact person: Professor Liisa Tainio, liisa.tainio[at]

Religious Education, Ethics and Philosophy Education 

Research Centre for Religious Education, Ethics and Philosophy Education focuses on a broad variety of issues in school education concerning religions and worldviews, ethics and philosophy, diversity and interculturality, freedom of religion, citizenship and human rights education and global education. The research group is also involved in studying and developing general education and subject didactics. Post-graduate students are actively engaging with a variety of issues concerning religion, education and multiculturalism.

For more information, visit the Religious, Ethics and Philosophy Education group's homepage. 

Contact person: Professor Arto Kallioniemi, arto.j.kallioniemi[at]

Social Studies Education 

The group studies issues that are linked to teaching history and social sciences. We produce information for developing teacher education and to awaken the public debate regarding socially significant themes within our field. In the field of didactics of history and social sciences, focus areas include the development of critical thinking, perceptions of various economic-political phenomena, and how these are formed.

For more information, visit the Social Studies Education group's homepage. 

Contact person: Professor Jukka Rantala, jukka.rantala[at]