Jubilee seminar for Professor Liisa Tainio (Oct. 16, 2020)

HuSoEd Professor Liisa Tainio

Professor Liisa Tainio

A jubilee seminar was organized for Professor Liisa Tainio (University of Helsinki, HuSoEd) for her 60th anniversary on Friday 16th October 2020. The program of the afternoon seminar was built around the core themes of Tainio’s career – research on classroom interaction, teaching materials and gender. Due to corona-virus situation, only a small number of her closest people and colleagues were allowed to participate in the seminar on the spot, but a large group of researchers, students and teachers attended the seminar through a video conference connection.  

In the opening words, docent Satu Grünthal stated that Liisa Tainio has followed in Minna Canth’s steps in advancing issues related to education and equality. Next, Dean Johanna Mäkelä brought greetings from the Faculty of Education. In her address, she introduced the course of Tainio’s career from an undergraduate student of Finnish language and literature to professor of Finnish language and literature education.

In the first presentation, Professor Pirjo Hiidenmaa and PhD research Henri Satokangas discussed the opportunities and challenges related to use of textbooks and non-fiction books as learning materials in schools. Based on a survey carried out as part of Lukuklaani-project, they introduced lower secondary school teachers’ views on using fiction and non-fiction in their teaching.

During her career, Tainio has supervised several doctoral dissertations and master theses. In the second presentation, Tainio’s students Ilmari Huhtala (MA, class teacher) and Penni Pietilä (MA, PhD researcher) discussed the gender roles in different educational contexts. They emphasized the importance of providing teachers with capabilities to challenge the binary model of gender.

In the third presention, Tainio’s long-time friend and colleague Professor Sara Routarinne returned to the roots of conversation analytic research in Finland. She illustrated the main themes of Tainio’s academic career, for example, gender, language and power; classroom interaction from both linguistic and embodied point of view as well as learning materials in use. Also, she highlighted the use of fiction as a rhetorical device in several Tainio’s academic papers. The seminar was closed by a video greeting from The Research Community for Humanities and Social Sciences Education. It was presented by Professor Jukka Rantala. 

Text: Organization committee

Professori Liisa Tainio kollegoineen

Professor Liisa Tainio with colleagues Pilvi Heinonen and Ulla Karvonen on her left and Sara Routarinne on her right, at ICCA conference in Loughborough in summer 2018.