About Us

What is HuSoEd?

The main foci of the Research Community for Humanities and Social Sciences Education, HuSoEd Group, pronounced [who said], are the learning and teaching of subjects related to humanities and social sciences in early childhood education, comprehensive education and adult education. The subjects that are mainly linked to humanities and social sciences are mother tongue and literature, Finnish as a second language, foreign languages, history, social studies, religious education, secular ethics, philosophy, and geography.

What we do?

The research topics of HuSoEd cover teaching and learning, as well as the development of subject didactics in these subjects. Furthermore, the group addresses questions linked to social, societal, historical, and cultural factors affecting teaching and learning of these subjects. The group also investigates other issues related subject didactics and teacher education. The HuSoEd Group works in close connection with the subject faculties and other research communities and research groups at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki.