Post-/de-colonial feminism, Racism and whiteness, Nationalism and right-wing populism, Activism by racialized minorities, Ethnic and racial profiling, Migrant/minority families, generations and gendered violence.

Suvi Keskinen's research portal profile

Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher
The intersection of migration and labour markets, Migration policy, Migration and the welfare state, International student mobility.

Rolle Alho's research portal profile

Doctoral Student
Precarity, Solidarity, Political Engagement, Borders

Ali Ali's research portal profile

Postdoctoral Researcher
International migration, Asylum seekers and refugees, Citizenship and borders, Administrative documents, Texts and images.

Erna Bodström's research page


Postdoctoral researcher
Citizenship, death, inequality, public policy, transnationalism, urban sociology.

Linda Haapajärvi's research portal profile

Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher
Antiracist organizing and the media, Cyber racism, Social networks and big data, Protest and spectacle, Media education/literacy.

Camilla Haavisto's research portal profile

Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher
Racism, Antiracism, Whiteness, Intersectionality, Education, Mental Health

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Academy of Finland Research Fellow
Citizenship, power and migration, Welfare state restructuring, Street-level institutional encounters, Migrant families, motherhood and care work worlds, Roma.

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Kone Foundation Postdoctoral Researcher
Interdisciplinary documentary practice, ethics of representation, migrant and diasporic screen cultures, feminist decolonial studies, Middle East/Southwest Asia and North Africa (MENA/SWANA)

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