Doctoral student. Working with water-transported organic carbon loss from differently managed agricultural soils on Boreal zone. Also studying the impacts of OC loss on soil productivity and water quality. Focus on soil and environmental chemistry. You can also find this Sunday-triathlonist swimming in the Kuusijärvi lake, or relaxing while playing saxophone.

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Doctoral student. Environmental scientist (MSc 2019) interested in microbial metabolism of greenhouse gases. Currently working with nitrous oxide (N2O) metabolism of microbes in atmospheric bioaerosols and on plant surfaces. Visiting researcher from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). 

PhD Student. Agronomist (MSc 2012) with a background in plant and forest pathology and forest ecology. Current research interests are the sources of methane emissions from trees in boreal forests. Working for the project From Processes to Modelling of Methane Emissions from Trees (MEMETRE). As a mother of three, I usually have my hands full, but the spare time I have is spent knitting and sewing or tending for my ever-growing collection of houseplants.

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Doctoral Student
Department of Agricultural Sciences
Field of science Agronomy