Vis­it­ing ad­dress:

We are located at Biocenter 1. Walk from the main entrance (A stairway) 50 m forward along the corridor and up to fourth floor B4. Most of our workrooms are behind a transparent glass door marked by a plate "huoneet 4210–4234" next to the elevator.

Photo of Viikki Biocentre1. Photo taken by Linda Tammisto

Department of Agricultural Sciences,
Unit of Environmental Soil Science
Viikinkaari 9
00790 Helsinki


See our People page or contact the head of unit Associate Professor Mari Pihlatie.

Mail­ing ad­dress:

Department of Agricultural Sciences
P.O. Box 56 (Biocenter 1, Viikinkaari 9)
00014 University of Helsinki


Service addresses of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Air photo of the Viikki Campus, University of Helsinki, Finland showing most of the buildings, greenhouses, fields and remote silhouette of the City center of Helsinki; image for Contact-section.

A view over part of Viikki Campus as seen from east to west.