Research and Teaching


2020-2023 Environmental Histories of Finland Workshop and Publication Project 


Beginning from the Academic Year 2020-2021 University of Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub conjointly with Indigenous Studies, Aleksanteri Institute and other partners introduced the "Environmental Humanities Studies Modules I. / II." (15/15 ECTS)

The Environmental Humanities study modules provide an introduction to multidisciplinary and especially humanistic approaches to environmental research. The study modules are recommended for all students interested in environmental issues and humanistic approches to environmental research. The ALKU master's program is responsible for the administration of the study unit.

You can now complete the 15 ECTS study unit ALKU-EH510 / Humanistic Environmental Research I and, if you wish, another 15 ECTS module ALKU-EH520 / Humanistic Environmental Research II. Autumn 2020 courses  within the program are groupped as "Basic", "Intermediate", "Advanced" and "Optional" studies for students. In Spring 2021 "Basic", "Intermediate", and "Advanced" studies are announced.


2021: Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities 

2020: HELSUS, University of Helsinki, Social Impact Funding

2017-2020: Helsinki University Humanities Programme

Partners and Collaborators

Bioart Society, Finland 

Chinese Studies, University of Helsinki 

Down by the Water Global conversations in maritime archaeology

HELSUS - Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science 

HUMANA - Human Migration and Network Analysis: Developing New Research Methods for the Study of Human Migration and Social Change

IHSEAR - Interdisciplinary Hub for the Study of the Environment and Authoritarian Regimes  

Indigenous Studies at the University of Helsinki