Field & Lab Photos

Please feel free to browse our field and laboratory photos. Photographs  are property of ECRU personnel and unwarranted use is prohibited. Large sized images and copies of videos are available on request for non-commercial purposes.

Peatland sampling Iitto FinlandPeatland sampling Iitto FinlandPeatland sampling CanadaPeatland sampling Sodankylä FinlandPeatland sampling SwedenPeatland sampling SwedenLake sediment subsamplingLake sediment subsamplingLake sediment samplingPirunkuru "Devils gorge" northern FinlandPirunkuru "Devils gorge" northern FinlandGorge in northern FinlandAurora borealisWinter samplingBottom bubblesLake landscapeNorthern Finland CottageWinter samplingWinter samplingNorthern landscapeNorthern landscapeWinter samplingTop of the coreCross sectionSnow and skySnow and skySnow and skyVärriö research stationCoreCoreCoreWinter samplingWinter samplingLimnos samplerLimnos samplerLimnos samplerHello!CoreWinter samplingWinter samplingWinter samplingWinter samplingWinter samplingLandscapeLandscapeSamplingOcean samplingWinter samplingCore Ocean samplingOcean samplingOcean samplingOcean samplingOcean samplingOcean samplingLandscapeLandscapeLake landscapeSamplingCoresHello!Hello!