News & Events

03.05.2021 – Thank you Academy of Finland for three-years post-doctoral funding to Jihan Xia. Congrats Jihan!

19.03.2021 – Last massive project from the post-doctoral work in Taipale lab is finally available as preprint in BioRxiv.

15.03.2021 – Nikita Poddar, M.Sc., joins the research group as a bioinformatician/doctoral student. Welcome!

15.03.2021 – Morena Bazelli, from International Hellenic University, Greece joins as an Erasmus student. Welcome!

04.01.2021 – Divyesh Patel, Ph.D., from India Institute of Techonology, joins our group as a post-doctoral fellow. Welcome!

04.01.2021 – Ville Tiusanen from the Masters program in Genetics and Biochemistry joins our group. Welcome!

18.12.2020 – Group lunch at Biang! for Ting's last week at work. Good luck and all the best Ting!

05.10.2020 – Kerim Yavuz, M.Sc., joins the research group as a doctoral student. Welcome!

02.10.2020 – Dr. Biswajyoti Sahu as an official PhD opponent at University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.

30.09.2020 – Group lunch at Fafas! for Marco's last week at work. Good luck and all the best Marco!

16.09.2020 – Jihan Xia, Ph.D., from University of Oulu, Finland joins the the Enhancer Biology laboraratory. Welcome!

21.08.2020 – Summer retreat with the lab at Korkee adventure park and some good food at Farang!

summer 2020


29.05.2020 – Big funding success and news from Jane and Aatos Erkko foundation!

23.05.2020 – Define molecular approach for human cellulalr transformation available as a preprint in BioRxiv.

03/2020 – COVID-19 hits worlwide including Finland... Lab and research at the faculty goes into critical activities only....

21.02.2020 – Title of Docent in Molecular Genetics conferred by the Chancellor, University of Helsinki

01.02.2020 – Ting Wei, Ph.D., post-doctoral fellow from Professor Marikki Laiho's lab joins our group. Welcome!

15.11.2019 – Pre-christmas dinner with whole group at Mei Lin!!!!

13.11.2019 – Two-year research grant to the Enhancer Biology laboraratory from The Finnish Cancer Foundation!

01.11.2019 – Konsta Karttunen from the TRANSMED program joins our group for his Master's thesis. Welcome!

09.07.2019 – First lab summer outing with the group, Asian fusion lunch at Hoku!!!

16.06.2019 – Liangru Fei, Ph.D., from China, first post-doctoral fellow to join the Enhancer Biology laboraratory. Welcome!

11.06.2019 – In Brussels for the ERC-StG 2019 interview..... (panel LS2:Genomics, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics)

16.04.2019 – Marco Bardus, M.Eng., first student to join the Enhancer Biology laboraratory as bioinformatician. Welcome!

21.03.2019 – Invitation to the step 2 interview for European Research Council's - Strating grant (ERC-StG 2019)

20.03.2019 – Three-year research grant to the Enhancer Biology laboraratory from The Sigrid Jusélius Foundation!

24.01.2019 – Prinicipal Investigator position in the Applied Tumor Genomics Program of the Research Programs Unit at the Faculty of Medicine

19.11.2018 – First research grant to the Enhancer Biology laboraratory from The Finnish Cancer Foundation!

12.10.2018 – HY-early career award to Dr. Biswajyoti Sahu from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki

11.09.2018 – Prinicipal Investigator at Faculty of Medicine, Medicum, University of Helsinki

01.09.2018 – Dr. Biswajyoti Sahu becomes an Academy of Finland Research Fellow to start his Enhancer Biology laboratory