Up and Repeat in Swedish

Upp och repa

The goal of this project is to stimulate Swedish language learners learning basic Swedish. The project Up and Repeat in Swedish have constructed and produced three videos and a handbook for teachers, librarians and others based on the TOISTO material. TOISTO is a language learning method for Finnish as a second language developed by docent Maria Ahlholm in co-operation with teacher education students and experts. The Up and Repeat project has developed and adjusted the method to make it suitable for non-Swedish speakers learning basic Swedish. 

In the Up and Repeat in Swedish project the video material is made suitable for teaching Swedish language learners ranging from first graders in the comprehensive school to adults. Up and Repeat in Swedish seeks to make learning Swedish easy and fun for Swedish language learners in schools as well as in extra-curricular clubs and activities for children, teenagers and adults. The method is easy to use by anyone interested in leading a group of Swedish language learners learning simple phrases for daily communication in Swedish. The method does not require any training of those leading an Upp and Repeat group.

The Up and Repeat website in Swedish offers a handbook explaining the method and also instructive videos!

The project is funded by SFV (Svenska folkskolans vänner rf) and the University of Helsinki.

Project Leader: Senior lecturer Kirsi Wallinheimo, University of Helsinki
Senior university lecturer, docent Maria Ahlholm, University of Helsinki
Professor Gunilla Holm, University of Helsinki
Senior university lecturer Marjo Savijärvi, University of Helsinki
Senior university lecturer, docent Anna Slotte, University of Helsinki
Project Communications and Marketing: Charlotta Järf, University of Helsinki