Academy Professor

Katri is the head of the Developmental Psychology Research Group. She is interested in a variety of early-life exposures, such as maternal stress and pregnancy complications, and the role these factors may play for the developing individual.

katri.raikkonen at / Tuhat

Senior Researcher

Kati is a senior university lecturer and a specialized child psychologist, with a PhD in psychology. Kati’s research interest is preterm birth and its long-term consequences.

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Senior Researcher

Jari is a senior lecturer and a Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Study core fellow with a PhD in psychology. His research interests include include genomic and epigenomic influences on mental health, personality, and cognitive abilities, and their developmental origins. Jari also has a background as a psychotherapist.

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Senior Researcher

Marius is an Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in psychology. Marius’ interests include the developmental origins of mental health, including fetal programming.

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Senior Researcher

Riikka is university lecturer with a PhD in psychology, as well as a clinical child psychologist. Riikka’s research interests include psychological long-term development after preterm birth.

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Post Doctoral Researcher

Soile is a postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in Psychology and a clinical child psychologist. She is particularly interested in developmental origins of mental health and cognitive abilities.  

Post Doctoral Researcher

Polina is an epidemiologist. Her research interest is prenatal programming of mental health and disease. 

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Post Doctoral Researcher

Ville is a psychologist currently working on the biopsychosocial risk factors of perinatal depression. He has also worked with cognitive aging and dementia risk. 

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Doctoral Researcher

Tuomas has a Master's degree in Mathematics. Tuomas is working on genetic vulnerabity and risk factors in the prenatal environment in association to mental health in childhood.

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Doctoral Researcher

Rachel has a Master's degree in Public Health. She previously worked in the Cochrane Work Review Group.  Her work focuses on the adult outcomes  of preterm birth and is apart of the RECAP and PremLife projects. 

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Doctoral Researcher

Anna is a psychologist and interested in stress, especially very early in life, and gene-environment interactions.

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Doctoral Student

Anna is a psychologist and is interested in the developmental origins of mental health. Her research focus is the association of prenatal factors with later mental health.