Crop production, crop growth and crop quality are an interaction between management, genotype and environment. We investigate ways to reduce environmental restrictions on crop growth and crop quality as well as to develop sustainable management practices that will all together guarantee crop productivity in a changing climate.
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Was a nice #walking meeting in #Viikki arboretum with PhD students of @AgriChar_RG @MinnaKiani @JureZrim…


Yippee! I've just been Pfizered! My pfirst jab against Covid. It being mRNA, does that mean my name is now Pfred?


There is no health without nature🌿 To escape the 'era of pandemics' will require us to change our relationship wit……


Recollecting my football skills. #WarmUp


I came to #Finland 4 days before from #Ethiopia with negative #COVID-19 certificate after staying nearly 4 months.……