Group seminars are virtual every Wednesday at 15:15.

Subgroup seminars are ones a week. 

Courses lectured by Prof. Timo Repo

  • Organometallic compounds as catalysts / Organometalliyhdisteet katalyytteinä (3 cr/op)
  • Combinatorial chemistry / Kombinatoriallinen kemia (3 cr/op)
  • Green chemistry: renewable raw materials and sustainable energy / Vihreä kemia: uusiutuvat raaka-aineet ja kestävä energia (4 cr/op)
  • Basic organometallic chemistry / Organometallien kemian perusteet (3 cr/op)

Courses lectured by Luc Charbonneau

  • Flow Chemistry: Principles and Applications (5 cr/op)

Upcoming guest lectures:

  • No upcoming guest lectures at this time.

Past guest lectures:

  • 27.9.2018 Prof. Troels Skrydstrup (Aarhus University) : "New Directions in Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbonylation Chemistry"
  • 28.6.2018 Prof. Mark Muldoon (Queen's University Belfast) : "Oxidation catalysis"
  • 19.6.2017 Prof. Ola F. Wendt (Lund University) : "C–H activation and functionalisation using late transition metals."
  • 23.5.2017 Dr. Dominique Agustin (Université de Toulouse) : "Organic-solvent-free epoxidation catalyzed by oxometallic coordination complexes"