Neuropet – Neurology

The neurology research group (NeuroPet) studies neurological disorders as well as their diagnostics and treatment options. Particular topics of interest for our group include epilepsy and syringomyelia. Our research group has described the first canine epilepsy syndrome occurring in puppyhood that goes into remission on its own, also investigating diseases associated with epilepsy, seizure exposure factors and drug therapies for epilepsy. Our latest research focuses on epilepsy biomarkers, which could predict future disease progression and treatment response. So far, the syringomyelia research conducted by our research group has looked into the connection between structural changes in the craniocervical junction area and syringomyelia, or the development of cysts within the spinal cord. In addition, our studies have shown that fontanelles in the canine skull that remain open, which have previously been considered insignificant, also have a connection to the occurrence of syringomyelia. In the future, our group aims to further determine the mechanisms according to which fontanelles are created.