Lung Insight – Pulmonary Diseases

The pulmonary disease research group investigates the onset of pulmonary diseases and looks for better diagnostic techniques and more effective therapies for acute and chronic pulmonary diseases. We study a range of respiratory tract diseases, including pulmonary fibrosis, which is a connective tissue disorder of the lungs, pneumonia and a respiratory syndrome in short-muzzled dogs.

Pulmonary fibrosis is a lung disease typical of the West Highland White Terrier, on which a great deal of new information has been obtained. The disease leads to a decrease in oxygen uptake. The group has investigated the causes of the disease and the changes observed in conjunction with the development of the disease.

Pneumonia is a common disease in dogs as well, and we have investigated related treatment and recovery follow-up. Research on treating pneumonia has resulted in a decrease in antibiotic use, as we demonstrated that shorter courses of treatment compared to prior recommendations are effective at curing dogs.

A walking test has been developed to support breeding, which makes it possible to exclude from breeding the dogs that suffer the most from having a short muzzle. The Finnish Kennel Club has approved the test for breeding selection.