The connectivity between Arctic ecosystems

The Arctic Ecosystems Research Group at University of Helsinki was established in November 2020. The aim is to integrate biogeochemical & ecological research within and between “systems” in the Arctic through national and international collaborative research. This will be done by bringing wide-ranging research expertise together to form complimentary research together to help answer big questions such as: How will interconnected Arctic ecosystems change in the rapidly changing climate? Closely associated with this are the questions of how such changes will impact on society. Therefore, a strong goal for the group is that the research outputs will be pertinent for stakeholders and policy makers.

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Looking out to the outer archipelago sea from Borgberg, Houtskari

The mini cycling tour of archipelago sea has continued to Korpo - stunning

Never get tired of such backdrops

Rich tapestry of stranded Fucus #texturehuntergather