Academic visitors

ANIWERE invites scholars working on the theory of animal law to visit the University of Helsinki for a period of their choosing. The visitor will be able to work with the members of the project, participate in its activities and present at the project seminar.

Normally, the prospective visitor is expected to apply for the status of a Visiting Student (for PhD students) or Visiting Researcher (for postdocs) at the Law Faculty. The visitor will thereby gain a workspace and may freely attend all of the faculty events. A supervisor from the University of Helsinki will be assigned for Visiting Students.

Given the coronavirus pandemic, we advise visits to start in the autumn semester of 2021 at the earliest. Virtual visits are possible before that.

There is some limited financial assistance available for travel and accommodation costs (up to €1000). These will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Preference will be given to junior scholars with no access to travel funds of their own.

If you are interested, please contact Visa Kurki (

Current and past visitors

Jan-March 2021: Ankita Shanker (University of Lucerne)