Studying the Ancient Near East at the University of Helsinki

Studying the ancient near east

Clay tablet with cuneiform writing

Studies on the Ancient Near East are available in the University of Helsinki  programmes for Bachelor's and Master's degree in languages. The degree programmes are only available to fluent speakers of Finnish or Swedish. For more details on applying, please see the Finnish translation of this page.

Studies on the Ancient Near East produce specialists who are able to analyze and interpret original sources, such as cuneiform texts in Akkadian and Sumerian. Studies include courses on languages, cultures, and research methodology. In addition to Akkadian and Sumerian, courses on other ancient Near Eastern languages are available, as well as courses on cultures and history.

Doctoral studies and post-doctoral research can be pursued at the University of Helsinki, and specifically with the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires (ANEE). Doctoral studies and a career in research do not require fluency in Finnish or Swedish. You can read more on the current research projects of ANEE members here.


Courses on the Ancient near east in 2021-2022


Basic and intermediate courses

AYKIK-LI122 Avoin yo: Muinaisen Lähi-idän historian ja yhteiskuntien perusteet ('Basics of the history and societies of the Ancient Near East') (5 credits), Joanna Töyräänvuori, Period III-IV
KIK-LI111 Akkadi 1 ('Akkadian 1') (5 cr), Saana Svärd, Period I-II
KIK-LI112 Akkadi 2 ('Akkadian 2') (5 cr), Tero Alstola, Period III-IV
KIK-LI113 Muinaisegypti 1 ('Ancient Egyptian 1') (5 cr), Kaisa Autere, Period III-IV
KIK-LI121 Muinaisen Lähi-idä tutkimuksen lähtökohtia ('Basis of studying the Ancient Near East') (5 cr), Saana Svärd, Period I-II
KIK-LI123 Muinaisen Lähi-idän materiaalinen kulttuuri ('Material culture in the Ancient Near East') (5 cr), Marta Lorenzon, Päivi Miettunen, Saimi Kautonen, Heidi Kovanen, Uine Kailamäki & Kaisa Autere, Period II-III
TUK-481 Heprea 1 ('Hebrew 1') (5 cr), Kirsi Valkama, Timo Tekoniemi (alternative code KIK-LI113), Period I-II

KIK-LI212 Sumeri 1 ('Sumerian 1') (5 cr), Aleksi Sahala, Period I-II (alternative code KIK-LI113)
KIK-LI213 Akkadian 3 (5 cr), Ellie Bennett, Period I-II
KIK-LI222 Visions, Dreams, and Apocalypses (5 cr), Jason Silverman, Period III-IV
KIK-LI224 Change and Continuity in the Near East: from Sumerians to Greeks (5 cr), Saana Svärd & Rotem Avneri Meir, Period III-IV
KIK-LI225 Social Network Analysis in History and Archaeology (5 cr), Lena Tambs, Period III-IV
KIK-LI229 Proseminaari ('Proseminar') (5 cr), Saana Svärd
TUK-482 Heprea 2 ('Hebrew 2') (5 cr), Juha Pakkala & Kirsi Valkama (alternative code KIK-LI214), Period III-IV

Advanced courses

KIM-LI311 Akkadian 4 (5 cr), Evelien Vanderstraeten, Period III-IV
KIM-LI342 Ancient Near East in a Larger Context: Migration in the Ancient Near East (5 cr), Adrianne Spunaugle, Period III-IV
KIM-LI320 Seminaari ('Thesis seminar') (5 cr), Saana Svärd
TUK-2102 Raamatun historiallinen ja sosiaalinen maailma ('The historical and social world of the Bible') (5 cr), Nina Nikki & Kirsi Valkama (alternative code KIM-LI334), Period I
KUMA-KP506 Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Ethics (5 cr), Rick Bonnie, Period IV (alternative code KIM-LI331)
TUM-3310 Muinaisen Lähi-idän kulttuuriperintö ('Cultural heritage of the Ancient Near East') (5 cr), Martti  Nissinen et al., Period IV (alternative code KIM-LI332)
TUM-V3205 Varhainen juutalainen kirjallisuus ja Qumran ('Early Jewish literature and the Qumran') (5 cr), Tuukka Kauhanan & Jutta Jokiranta (alternative code KIM-LI333), Period I-II