ANEE Networks

This page introduces various networks created by ANEE Team 1 that are openly available for researchers and the general public. If you are interested in collaboration or would like to upload your own graphs, please send a message to Team 1 leader, Saana Svärd.

ANEE lexical portals of Akkadian

Below, you will find links to two web pages for lexical portals of Akkadian. One is constructed with the help of PMI calculations and the other by using fastText. Both yield valuable information about semantics of Akkadian lexemes but from two different perspectives. PMI detects words which co-occur frequently in the dataset. For example, the word “to fear” may co-occur with the words “dark”, “spider” and “panic.” These patterns thus relate to syntagmatic relationships between lexemes. On the other hand, fastText can be used to find words which appear in similar semantic contexts. “To be angry”, “to rage” and “to be furious” are examples of words which are not necessarily used together but are likely to appear in similar contexts. Such relations can be described as paradigmatic relations. More information on the lexical portals and how to cite them can be found behind the links.

ANEE Lexical portal of Akkadian PMI

ANEE Lexical portal of Akkadian fastText

Social network of Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Work in progress. We hope to make the work publicly available in autumn 2021.

Social network of Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire