I work in INAR as an assistant professor in Air quality – weather – climate interactions. My main research interests are in atmospheric aerosol formation, anthropogenic aerosol emissions and their climate effects. I work between experiments and large scale models, producing parameterisations from existing measurements, analysing comprehensive multi-variable data sets, and comparing data sets from different parts of the world to each other and to model results. I lead the Air Quality guidance group and I am the vice-director of the Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

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I am, generally, interested in Air Quality but have a wide interest about aerosols and their sources, transformation, and fate. Exposure is the ultimate goal in my research and within an international network of collaboration I am trying to develop models aiming at forecasting Urban Air Quality and assess the personal exposure (both indoors and outdoors). I am currently a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research but I am also a Professor of Physics at the University of Jordan.

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I am a post-doctoral researcher, specialized in atmospheric aerosol dynamics. My main research topic is the formation of atmospheric aerosol particles by new particle formation and anthropogenic emissions, especially in urban environments. I aim to increase understanding of these processes and their impacts on air quality and climate. My main tools are analysis of data from field and laboratory experiments and process-scale modelling of aerosol dynamics.  I also teach aerosol physics and supervise PhD and Master students.

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I am a post-doctoral researcher with interest in chemical and physical characterization of ambient aerosols. I’m now focusing on the growth processes of the new formed particles.

I am a post-doctoral researcher interesting in the measurements of chemical and physical properties of aerosols. And now I am focusing using ACSM and CIMS to analyzing those properties.

Postdoctoral researcher seeking to understand the sources and processes that drive air pollution. Key interests: (i) Atmospheric science: aerosol dynamics, chemistry and meteorology, (ii) Air pollution measurement: fixed site and mobile monitoring, (iii) Air pollution exposure, (iv) Environmental justice, (v) Science communication.

I am a post-doctoral researcher interested in anthropogenic aerosol emissions, air quality modeling, and air pollution-control response. Now I am focusing on anthropogenic particle number emission and its implementation in global integrated assessment model.

My doctoral study focuses on the derivation of air quality parameters proxy in urban regions. Currently, the approach is more in the statistical side and I would like to carry this further to physical way based on the interaction of the different variables in urban atmosphere. My interests also include remote sensing and machine learning techniques.

I'm currently working on my master's thesis which is about new particle formation and shrinkage events in Saudi Arabia. I did my bachelor's on the growth of sub 3 nm particles in CLOUD 4 -experiments. Other than that, I have been doing NPF event classification for Hyytiälä.

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I am a PhD student focusing on risks of energy production in Finland. My work includes life cycle analysis for different ways to produce energy but also takes into account people and risks that they face during the entire life cycle. I'm also secretarial science at Future Earth Finland which is a national committee for global chance research. I teach career courses for physic students and have a lot of interests science communication.

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At the moment I am writing my master’s thesis about the correlation between different types of radiation and planetary boundary layer height. I am using measurement data from the SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä, where I have been working during this summer. The aim of my master’s thesis is to make a proxy for boundary layer height using measured radiation and other meteorological parameters. My main interests in meteorology are boundary layer processes and air quality.

I’m a master’s student in aerosol physics. My focus is on studying atmospheric new particle formation using theoretical methods, modeling of the dynamics of atmospheric clusters, and data-analysis.

Lubna Dada (until end of 2020)

I am interested in new particle formation events in various locations globally, as well as CLOUD chamber experiments at CERN. I like traveling, good coffees and french fries.

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Kaspar Dällenbach (until summer 2020)

Particulate air pollution has severe impacts on human health. Studying the sources contributing to the aerosol burden is an essential part for mitigating these effects. I am interested in the origin, sources and formation processes, of the secondary organic aerosol which contributes to the particulate matter in strongly polluted regions.

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Lian Xue (2019-2020)

I’m a PhD student of Nanjing University, and currently a visiting student in University of Helsinki. My research interests are the multi-scale variabilities of atmospheric constituents under circulation anomalies of climate systems, and the anthropogenic and natural emissions contributions in these processes.