Proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms for advanced movement recognition of people, vehicles and their mobility in smart cities. Especially suitable for gathering any movement related data using smartphones or wearables.

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Moprim website

Petri Martikainen
+358 50 5500666

A therapeutic cancer vaccine PeptiCRAd is a genetically engineered adenovirus coated with pieces from cancer cells. Tumor cell pieces on the virus surface instruct the activated killer T-cells to target and destroy cancer cells everywhere in the body.

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Michael Stein
+44 7970 830714

Means for understanding the internal clock and changing behaviour to improve sleep and enhance daytime alertness.

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Mikael Gröning
+358 50 3589970

Rapid and accurate technology that measures solubility of substances from microscopic samples without any knowledge of the chemical structure of the samples. Enables knowledge-based decision-making at an earlier stage of drug development and speeds up the discovery process.

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Sami Svanbäck
+358 50 448 0863

Precise and fast analysis of multiple gas compounds. Applicable, for example, for decreasing scrap and waste in the process industry, increasing occupational safety in factories and reducing risk of environmental hazards. Minimal costs in comparison to current solutions.

Ultraphotons website

Arne Hook
+358 40 766 0122

A novel solution to decontaminate chemical and biological warfare agents and other hazardous materials. Nontoxicity enables easier standby and performing of decontamination actions at civil and military targets.

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Ilkka Pajari
+358 40 485 9736

A method for visualizing the way people touch and grasp objects through a residual heat signature from a handprint. Enables 3D modelling and data collection. Applicable, for example, for robotics and hospital infection control.

Grasp sense
Jukka Häkkinen
+358 50 4839483               

A next-generation web application enabling patients and doctors to use individual genome information to predict and prevent cardiovascular disease. It uniquely combines traditional medicine with multiple recently discovered genetic risk factors.

Elisabeth Widen                                    
+358 50 3812738                          
Kari Pitkänen
+358 500 702873

Provides scientific, evidence-based information on how to manage in parenthood. Teaching parents all required skills and tools on how to raise a child and maintain their own healthy state of mind.

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Anna-Mari Sajaniemi
+358 50 3792281