Slush 2020

The University of Helsinki is together with Slush pleased to launch a global online competition looking for solutions improving urban air quality. Venture with Air hackathon invites teams of developers from all over the world to create ideas for applications that use air quality data collected from Helsinki.

Node by Slush allows startups from all over the world to connect with investors, mentors, partners, and each other – every single day. Our 10 innovations are there looking for partners, entrepreneurs and investors.

An online hackathon to search for solutions to air pollution problems

How do you solve the world’s highest ranked environmental risk to health? Venture with Air hackathon invites teams of developers from all over the world to create ideas for applications that use air quality data collected from Helsinki. The winning team is awarded with a 20,000 euro cash prize.

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Venture with Air hack­a­thon site

Using nature’s microbial diversity for consumer goods

Urbanisation has caused people to lose connection to nature, leading to immune mediated illnesses such as diabetes, allergy and asthma. Uute is the substance with nature’s own microbial diversity to keep your immune system functioning.

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Uute Scientific website

Uute Scientific

Aki Sinkkonen
+358 50 332 1110

Kari Sinivuori
+358 50 386 0444

Active packaging component for improving fresh vegetable shelf-life

Up to 20% of vegetable production, worth €200 billion, is wasted by supermarkets and consumers every year (EU and USA). The solution helps reduce this waste, its costs and environmental impact.

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Emmi Korjus
+358 50 520 6886

Kirsi Mikkonen
+358 50 318 5744

Keeping pollinators healthy and saving the food production worldwide

The disappearance of pollinators represents a massive threat to global food security. The first-ever oral vaccination method strengthens the immune system of bees and prevents the rapid spread of diseases.

Read article: The first-ever in­sect vac­cine Prime­BEE helps bees stay healthy
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Dalan Animal Health website

PrimeBEE / Dalan Animal Health

Dalial Freitak
+358 45 608 6104

Annette Kleiser
+1 (213) 308-6473

Franziska Dickel

Impactful tool for making people work together skillfully

A digital solution for educational institutions and workplaces that combines individual and collective perspectives to support learning of working life competence and expertise.

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Team Fluent website

Team Fluent Oy

Auli Toom
+358 50 415 4852

Jukka Rautiainen

Making smartphones see the world in its fullest detail

AI-based technology enables consumer cameras to capture the full spectrum of visible light. This rich information can fuel completely new kinds of computer vision applications.

Read article: Computer vision identifies ripe fruit and counterfeit drugs website

Ville Kurri
+358 50 343 5751

Arto Klami
+358 50 582 3654

Mikko Toivonen
+358 44 330 3131

Chang Rajani
+358 50 311 5791

The Solution for monitoring vitamin B3 balance in human body

A proprietary method that measures four vitamin-B3-based molecules from human blood. NADmed analysis provides guidelines for dietary interventions in ageing and disease.

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NADmed project website


Jana Buzkova

Liliya Euro

Sara Kangaspeska
Helsinki Innovation Services