Ultraphotons OPO-laser sharp monitoring

Invention: Ultraphotons Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO).
Applications: Novel light source for e.g. gas analysers.
Unmet need: Provides a broad (200 nm) wavelength tuning range.
IP Status: Patent pending.
Project phase: The technology has been verified in laboratory conditions. The applicability has been proven but product development is needed.

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Optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is a light source that converts pump laser wave into two output waves. In optical gas analysis applications, the continuous wave (CW) laser light delivers high selectivity and precision. Ultraphotons OPO allows access to mid-infrared region (3-4 μm) and thus provides high sensitivity in optical trace gas detection. The technology allows outstanding tuning characteristics of the OPO and thus provides all relevant wavelengths for a wide range of applications.

Markku Vainio
Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki


Ulvila et al. Diode-laser-pumped continuous-wave midinfrared optical parametric oscillator arXiv:1805.06135