Mobile microscopy scanner for PoC diagnostics

Invention: Mobile microscopy slide scanner.
Indications: Cervical cancer, breast cancer, tuberculosis, malaria.
Unmet need: Point-of-Care cytology and histology diagnostics.
IP Status: Patent pending.
Project status: Fully functional prototype ready.

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We have developed a Mobile Microscope, MoMic, for point-of-care diagnostics. MoMic allows high resolution imaging, comparable to existing laboratory-based microscopy scanners. The platform is suitable for diverse diagnostic purposes including tissue analytics, cervical PAP smears, intra-operative frozen section analysis, and infectious diseases, mainly parasitic diseases and malaria. MoMic is combined with automated image analysis and pathologists’ remote consultation through wireless connections and uploading the sample images to a cloud server and using artificial intelligence analysis tools in the cloud to speed up interpretation and diagnosis.

Johan Lundin
Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, University of Helsinki

Granted EP3341782

Holmström, O. et al., 2017. Point-of-care mobile digital microscopy and deep learning for the detection of soiltransmitted helminths and Schistosoma haematobium. Global health action