Live phylogenetic sequence data in the web

Application: Integration of interactive data into online publications.
Unmet need: Efficient utilization of complex data in scientific publishing.
IP Status: Commercial licenses to KUVA code are available.
Project phase: In active development. Ready for trial.

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KUVA turns complex biological data into live images that can be embedded into web pages. Large sequence datasets are usually difficult to communicate via static images. KUVA replaces static images with interactive views that can be seamlessly zoomed and browsed. KUVA also provides direct access to the source data together with interactive editing and sharing tools. KUVA can be utilized in scientific publishing where KUVA visualizations can be displayed as pop-up windows or integrated directly to web articles.

Ari Löytynoja, Andres Veidenberg
Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki 

Benefits to authors and readers:

  • allows integrating large, browseable datasets directly into publications
  • replaces supplementary data downloads and external visualization software
  • supports collections of datasets and analysis histories
  • metadata and in place editing improve dissemination and impact of research

Benefits to publishers:

  • advanced web only features bring added value to internet publications
  • longer stays at websites allows tracking of reader activity
  • integrated data archive increases publication lifespan and improves reproducibility of research
  • written in plain JavaScript, KUVA runs natively in any modern web browser with no external dependencies

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