Ioncell: Sustainable textiles from recycled cellulose

Invention: Ioncell is a technology that turns cellulose and old textiles sustainably into new high-quality textile fibers.
Unmet need: Sustainable textiles needed to replace oil and cotton.
IP Status: Patent pending.
Project phase: Scale up phase.

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The textile industry consumes a huge amount of natural resources. There is a growing need to replace cotton and oil with environmentally more sustainable materials. At the same time municipalities globally have increasing problems with textile waste and micro plastics. Ioncell enables conversion of cellulose based raw materials into new fibers with superior properties.

Ilkka Kilpeläinen
Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki

National patent applications based on PCT/FI2018/050070, PCT/FI2017/050916 and PCT/FI2018/050071.

Asaadi, S.; Kakko, T.; King, A.W.T.; Kilpeläinen I.; Hummel M., Sixta H. (2018): High-Performance Acetylated Ioncell-F Fibers with Low Degree of Substitution. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2018, 6 (7), pp 9418–9426