Improved method for rapid depletion of endogenous proteins in mammalian cells

Invention: A novel degron tag and auxin-perceptive protein to achieve rapid protein degradation.
Project status: Validated for nuclear, cytosolic and membrane-bound proteins.
IP status: Patent pending
Key words: Genome editing, degron tag, protein depletion, small-molecule induced.

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Auxin-inducible depletion (AID) technology is a widely used method for rapid protein removal. However, current methods suffer from inefficient or premature degradation of target proteins and have thus limited their use. We have developed a highly potent AID system composed of a novel auxin perceptive protein and a novel degron tag. The system shows minimal basal degradation and enables rapid auxin-inducible depletion of mammalian proteins within 1 hour.

Elina Ikonen
Lipid Trafficking Lab, University of Helsinki


  • Can be used to deplete virtually any endogenous protein from mammalian cells.
  • Over 90% depletion of protein of interest in 1h.
  • Reveals the immediate effect of a protein removal.
  • We are looking for licensees for the current technology.
  • A novel degron tag.
  • A novel auxin-perceptive protein.
  • A vector for expressing target-specific sgRNA, and AAVS1 sgRNA together with Cas9 (readily available).
  • Auxin (readily available, cell permeable, inert, safe, inexpensive, reversible).