Immunostimulatory gardening materials

Invention: Gardening and landscaping materials proven to enhance the natural development of the human immune system.
Indication: Immune mediated diseases such as type 1 diabetes, asthma and allergies.
Unmet need: ImmunoGarden materials bring biodiversity to the urban environment to improve health.
IP Status: Patent pending.
Project phase: Proof-of-concept studies ongoing.

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ImmunoGarden develops gardening and landscaping materials that are scientifically proven to modulate the human immune system, reduce the probability of immune mediated diseases as well as to help to maintain immune health. ImmunoGarden provides materials, such as soil, mineral soil and sod, which can be applied in a similar way as traditional gardening and landscaping materials. The solution is sustainable as it utilizes forestry side streams and consists of natural ingredients.

Aki Sinkkonen
Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki

EP 18710505.1

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