Doctoral Programme in Drug Research


The aim of DPDR is to educate experts that have a wide view of drugs and toxicology. DPDR is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme and research in DPDR covers the life cycle of medicines and toxicology.

  • A community of 125 doctoral students from Finland and around the world
  • Research groups in DPDR study diverse areas in drug research, such as: 
    • drug design and synthesis
    • bioactivity screening
    • pharmaceutical microbiology
    • drug formulation
    • nanomedicine
    • industrial manufacturing
    • pharmacokinetics
    • pharmacodynamics
    • analytics
    • drug interactions
    • pharmacogenetics
    • pharmacology and clinical pharmacology
    • clinic al drug research
    • pharmacoepidemiology
    • clinical pharmacy
    • pharmacoeconomics
    • toxicology and clinical toxicology
    • veterinary drug research.
  • More than 50 expert supervisors with a substantial academic record
  • Admissions: five times a year
  • University-funded doctoral candidate positions: call for applications once a year
  • Want to know how others did it before you? Browse our recent doctoral theses at the university’s open digital archive

Did you know? In international comparisons, research at the University of Helsinki ranks among the leading European universities and close to the top 50 in the world.