The doctoral programme planning officer (former "coordinator") is the doctoral program's contact person and responsible for administration and communication as well as planning the programme curriculum and other activities in collaboration with the board.

B&M doctoral programme officer

Katri Wegelius, PhD
Viikki Biocenter 3, (Viikinkaari 1), room 3714
+358 (0)50-4480405

In matters related to preliminary examination of the doctoral dissertation, please contact the following, according to the faculty of your doctoral study right:

Viikki Campus

Faculty of Biological and Env Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 

Meilahti Campus

Faculty of Medicine

The Brain & Mind Board is in charge of the strategic planning of the doctoral programme and reviewing doctoral study right applications submitted to the doctoral program. The Board also selects new students for the 4-year doctoral candidate positions funded by the University of Helsinki.

The chairperson of the Doctoral Program Brain & Mind in the University of Helsinki is Dr. Iiris Hovatta (since October 2016, succeeding Kai Kaila) and in Aalto University professor Lauri Parkkonen (since 2014, succeeding Riitta Hari and Kimmo Kaski). 

B&M Board (University of Helsinki)

  • Iiris Hovatta, Programme director, Professor, Faculty of Medicine (Neurogenetics)
  • Kimmo Alho, Vice chair, Professor, Faculty of Medicine (Psychology)
  • Esa Korpi, Professor, Faculty of Medicine (Neuropsychopharmacology)
  • Anna-Elina Lehesjoki, Professor/Research director, Folkhälsan Research Centre and Faculty of Medicine (Nervous system diseases)
  • Claudio Rivera, Research director, Neuroscience Center, HiLife (Neurobiology)
  • Simo Vanni, Group leader, University of Helsinki (Clinical neurosciences) 
  • Juha Voipio, Professor, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences (Neurophysiology, neurobiophysics)
  • Lauri Elsilä, PhD student
  • Marta Saez Garcia, PhD student 

B&M Board (Aalto University)

B&M coordinator (Aalto University)

Jaakko Järvinen, PhD, Academic coordinator