Research profile

AGFOREE is a Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources. It focuses on plant production, forests, domestic animals, technology, the environment and economy. Sustainable use of resources is imperative for the future of humankind, nature and planet Earth.

Many of the research fields included in AGFOREE integrate basic and applied research. We explore basic natural processes in phenomena spanning scales from the molecular to the global, and we study their socio-economic aspects and related environmental policy context.

The programme is international, both in its themes and in practice. We arrange international courses and offer graduate students opportunities for extended visits abroad. We collaborate with top universities and research institutes in Europe, USA and Asia, and we maintain active contacts with developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The research field of the programme is unique in Finland. It prepares graduates for a wide range of job opportunities. Doctoral graduates find employment as researchers in universities and research institutes, or as experts in the private and public sector, both in Finland and abroad, where there is consistently strong demand for their expertise.

AGFOREE is a part of the Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB)

Research relevant for the AGFOREE doctoral programme is carried out especially in the following departments and faculties:

Department of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Department of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Department of Economics and Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Food and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences