Courses, transferable skills and other events

AGFOREE Orientation (AGFO-001)
For more information about AGFOREE orientation please contact the AGFOREE office (agforee-info(at)

Statistical models for genomic prediction in animals and plants (AGFO-102)
Time: 19-23 October
Place: Viikki
Teachers: Asko Mäki-Tanila & Luc Janss
Registration will open in WebOodi in September

Mathematical methods 2020: Statistical Analysis with R (AGFO-302)
Time: 21 September -1 October
Place: Viikki/Zoom
Teacher: Vesa Niskanen
Registration is open in WebOodi

AGFO-106 AGFOREE's own research seminar

Many of today’s challenges and research puzzles can only be tackled by collaborative efforts across multiple scientific disciplines, and our monthly AGFOREE research seminar is a reflection of this.  In this seminar, AGFOREE doctoral candidates have the chance to present their findings and insights to a highly diverse and multidisciplinary audience. Presenters are asked to keep in mind this diversity - the audience will have to understand something that might be far out of their own discipline or comfort zone as well as to make sure that their passion and excitement for their research is shared with the audience.

Held on the first Tuesday of each month from 14.15-15.45

Autumn 2020
1st September
6th October
3rd November
8th December

AGFOREE Annual Meeting 2020
Date and time not yet available