Info for doctoral candidates and supervisors

In addition to the doctoral thesis, 30 credits of scientific content studies and 10 credits of general competence studies must be completed.

MBDP degree structure (valid from 1.8.2020) (PDF)

All doctoral candidates must transfer to the new degree system if they do not complete their degree before 31.7.2020.

Transfer rules (PDF)

Degree requirements according to the Faculty system (60 credits) are only valid until 31.7.2020
Old degree requirements are in Instructions for Students web site.


E-forms for transition to the new requirements




Thesis committee meetings are compulsory for all MBDP students.

More information on Instructions for students website.

Thessa is a new online tool for planning and follow-up of PhD studies, and it is mandatory for new doctoral candidates, their supervisors and thesis committees starting from Autumn 2018.

See more in the Instructions for students website.

Lists for doc­toral can­did­ates

All MBDP doctoral candidates should join the MBDP-students(at) mailing list, which is used to advertise MBDP's activities as well as to distribute information relevant to PhD candidates. Another relevant mailing list is the YEB doctoral school list. Also, consult your supervisor for other relevant mailing lists to join.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to majordomo(at) Leave the subject-line empty and in the message field write subscribe MBDP-students (or yeb-doctoralschool). Please note that you must use your email address or other official address (,, ect.) to join the list. Addresses like are not allowed.

To unsubscribe the list send an e-mail to majordomo(at) and write in the message field unsubscribe MBDP-students and nothing else. Please note that you should send the email from the same address that you joined the list with.

List for su­per­vi­sors

Supervisors are encouraged to join the MBDP-supervisors(at) list. To subscribe, send an e-mail to majordomo(at) Leave the subject-line empty and in the message field write subscribe MBDP-supervisors. You are welcome to join the list even if you are currently not supervising a MBDP candidate.

All group leaders who act as supervisors of doctoral candidates can be found from the University of Helsinki research database here.

Please note that the list contains both students and supervisors. To find a potential supervisor, look for researchers with title "Supervisor for doctoral programme".

MBDP supervisor list

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