Doctoral education

Doctoral education at the University of Helsinki is carried out in four doctoral schools, which offer a total of 32 doctoral programmes. Our doctoral candidates, supervised by top-class researchers, carry out their research as part of an international academic community. The University of Helsinki is the only Finnish university in the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and a member of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education.

In addition to research work, the doctoral degree encompasses studies specific to the doctoral candidate's discipline or research field, as well as transferable skills training, and career orientation and guidance. English is the primary language of study in doctoral education. The University has 4,700 doctoral students, one-fourth of them international students, and awards approximately 500 doctoral degrees annually. 

The right to study for a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki can be obtained via an application procedure that is arranged 2–5 times a year depending on a doctoral programme.

University of allocates funding to doctoral programmes for salaried doctoral candidate positions which are announced once a year.