Viikki Re­search Farm

Viikki Research Farm (VRF) provides a modern farm infrastructure to serve as a platform for research and education purposes of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The farm is a part of the HiLIFE infrastructures. The farm administrates 155 hectares of arable land and a research dairy barn with 60 dairy cows. Main part of the arable area is used conventionally for feed production for the dairy cattle; grass silage and pasture is grown roughly on half of the fields, and the rest of the area is used for feed grain and protein crop (e.g. faba bean) production, as well as for test plots for plant science and other life sciences research.

  1.  A highly automated research dairy barn with 60 dairy cows
  2. 155 hectares of arable land aroud the farm center, close to the city center.
  3. Modern machinery, sensor and measurement technology provided
  4. The farm produces a substantial amount of foodstuff
  5. A real farm next to the heart of Helsinki city
  6. Muddusjärvi research station in Lapland
    1. The station administrates ca. 700 ha of forest and also a 1000 ha lake area
    2. There are about 13 hectares of field in active use
    3. Accommodation possibilities for visiting researchers
    4. The station has got machinery to support farming and forestry activities

The modern dairy barn is highly automated. Milking is accomplished with automated milking system and feed mix is distributed with automated feed distribution wagons. The barn is equipped with RIC system, which enables the monitoring of feed intake of each individual cow, and GreenFeed system for real time methane emission measurements. The barn is divided in two sections: freestall section, which holds the major part of the cattle, and tiestall section with 12 animal places for individual research. The VRF research barn enables many kind of cattle related research: nutrition, welfare, behavior, technology, etc. In summertime, all of our animals have a possibility for gracing at the pastures every day.

All of the farmland administrated by the Viikki research farm is located closely aroud the farm center. Soiltypes of the fields are mainly finesandy or finesandy moraine soils with high organic matter content. Field plots closest to the cowhouse are mainly used as pastures, and a 3-4-year silage grass crop rotation is applied to the rest of the fields. Cereals and faba bean are cultivated between the grass rotation.

Several hectares of field are used annually as research plots. The farmland at the Viikki research farm enables diverse research in plant production and soil sciences, agrotechnology and -ecology and animal sciences.

Contact Viikki Research Farm for more information about the pricing in Viikki and in Muddusjärvi.