Laboratory and field equipment

The following equipment is available in the laboratory in addition to standard equipment such as pH- and conductivity meters, oxygen titrator, ice machine, incubators, water baths, vacuum pumps, magnetic stirrers, ultrasonic cleaners etc.

Carbon Analyzers; Shimadzu TOC-V CPH Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

C/N-Analyzer; Europa Scientific ANCA-MS 20-20 15N/13C mass spectrometer

Flow cytometer; BD Accuri C6 Plus (488 and 640 nm laser excitation)

Particle size analyzer: Microtrac SYNC 3R/Img L (with Microtrac FlowSync sample system)

Photometric analyzer; Thermo Scientific Aquakem 250

Spectrofluorometers; Varian Cary Eclipse (with microplate reader)

Spectrophotometers; Shimadzu UV-2501 PC and Hitachi U-1100

Autoclaves; Finn-Aqua 46-E and Systec VX-120

Balances; Mettler toledo XPR205DU (with printer + ionizing unit), Mettler Toledo MS1003TS, Mettler AE 100, Mettler Toledo AX 205 (with printer + ionizing unit), Mettler Toledo XS104, Mettler PM 34, Sartorius CP 3202S, Ohaus Adventurer AX40 and AX4302, Ohaus Scout SKX6201

Centrifuges; VWR Mega Star 1.6R, Eppendorf 5430R, Eppendorf 5415 R (all cooling)

Chamber furnaces; Nabertherm L 24/11/B410, Nabertherm LE 14/11/R7, Carbolite CFS12/7, Carbolite CWF

Climatic chamber/incubator; RUMED P530, Panasonic MLR-352H

Cooled incubator; LMS

Drying ovens; Termaks TS 9053 and 9135

Freeze dryer; Alpha 1-2LD

Ball mill; Retsch Mixer Mill MM 400

Homogenizer; VWR VDI 12

Laminar Flow cabinet; Instrulab-LIV 6020 AT

Peristaltic pumps; Heidolph 5006, Ismatec MS-CA 4/640, Ismatec Reglo Digital MS-4/6-160

Ultrafreezers; Herafreeze HFU 486 Basic (- 85° C), Vestfrost VTS 098

Laboratory water purification systems include reverse osmosis (Merck Millipore RiOs 24 Essential), Milli-Q (Merck Millipore Synergy UV and Milli-Q Direct) and ion exchanger (Miele E 318)

Inverted microscopes; Leica DM ILB HC, Leica DMIRB with epifluorescence component, Wild M 40, Leitz Labovert

Epifluorescence microscope; Leitz Dialux 20

Interference microscope; Leitz Diaplan

Light microscopes; Wild M 11 and M 20, with and without phase contrast; Leica DM 2500 with ICT-component, Leica DM750 (+camera Leica ICC50 HD)

Stereo microscopes; Wild M4, M5, M7, M8; Leica Wild M3B, Leica MZ6, Leica S6E

Digital camera system; Leica DFC 490; Leica MC190 HD; Leica DMC 6200

Cold light sources; Schott KL 1500, Leica CLS 150 XE, VWR Visilight CL150

The field equipment includes standard sampling equipment such as water samplers, plankton nets, sediment corers, grabs, dredges, and handheld probes. In addition TZS offers diving facilities, operational all year round.

Citadel CTD-NV (Teledyne RD Instruments, with WET Labs ECO fluorometer sensor)

LI-COR LI-1500 Light Meter/logger with LI-190 Quantum sensor, LI-192 Underwater quantum sensor, LI-193 Spherical underwater quantum sensor

YSI Pro ODO Oxygen sensor/logger

YSI ProSolo ODO/CT Oxygen, temperature and salinity sensor/logger

Water samplers, Limnos 2L and Limnos 5L

Plankton nets, mesh sizes 10-200 µm

Sediment samplers: van Veen grab, box corer (small), box corer (large), GeMax twincorer, HAPS corer for sandy sediments, Ekman grab, Sediment Limnos, Petit Ponar