Courses at TZS in 2022

This list only covers courses organised by the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki, and the information is being updated as the course programme develops.

Marine Functional Ecology 17. - 26.5.2022 (in English, Alf Norkko)

Ekologisk fältkurs - livsmiljöerna och arterna 8. - 12.6.2022 (in Swedish, Patrik Byholm)

Saariston ekologia 8. - 14.8.2022 (in Finnish, Sirkku Manninen)

Akvaattisten tieteiden kenttäkrussi 15. - 19.8.2022 (in Finnish, Leena Nurminen)

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Vesiluontokurssi – link to general course material (in Finnish) about the Baltic Sea, streams and lakes in Finland, and extensive information about the species found in these respective areas. Material produced by Niko Nappu (ed.), Markus Dernjatin, Anne Hemmi, Kirsi Kostamo & Mats Westerbom.


2017 - Course material for the biodiving course (in Finnish)