Science and nature trails

Trails at Lammi Biological Station

The science trail was opened in 2016 and is an interactive way to explore the forest and lakeside at LBS. The nature trail was renewed in 2015 and takes hikers through the broad leaf and spruce forests of the Station, with interpretive signs (mostly in Finnish) along the way. Download a pdf map of the trails (Tiedepolku = Science trail; Luontopolku = nature trail): 


Science trail

The trail features 14 interpretive signs that present University of Helsinki and our partners' research. There are also activities along the way to  gather data on forest phenology and an aquatic research tool-box that gives visitors the opportunity to use some of the equipment that limnologists use in their work. The trail was developed with funding from the Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation as well as the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation. See the videos below for an introduction to the trail and activities. School groups are very welcome to visit the trail and LBS. Please contact us for more information. 



Videos about the activities on the Science Trail:



Nature trail

The nature trail winds its way through LBS' forest and lakeshore and has interpretive signs (in Finnish) describing the local nature. The broad leaved section of the forest features small hazel trees and lots of dead wood that enrich the biodiversity of the forest. The forest is host to ural, pygmy and tawny owls and the occassional lynx and flying squirrel as well!