Research Topics

Hyytiälä station encompasses the SMEAR II infrastructure (Station for Measuring Forest Ecosystem - Atmosphere Relations), which serves to provide continuous and comprehensive measurements of fluxes, storages and concentrations of important substances in the land ecosystem–atmosphere interactions. The functioning of trees, soil processes and their relationships with the atmospheric processes are continuously monitored. SMEAR is a part of many international measurement networks. Data from SMEAR is available as online observations.

Ecosystem processes are being studied at several field sites around Hyytiälä, and cover phenomena taking place in forests, peatlands and lakes.

Hyytiälä hosts a wide network of long-term study sites for different aspects of forest development, management and experimental treatments. Many groups from the Department of Forest Sciences at the University of Helsinki operate also in Hyytiälä area. Especially remote sensing of forest attributes has been topical during the recent years.

Besides ecosystem processes taking place in peatlands, the recent topics of peatland ecology group in Hyytiälä include peatland restoration and the management of peatland forests.

New methods of remote sensing have been investigated for many purposes at the field sites around Hyytiälä. Different attributes of vegetation have been measured with instruments covering the full range from portable handheld devices, through unmanned and manned aerial vehicles, to satellite imagery.