Selected milestones in station history

  • 1910: Finnish Government assigned the state-own forests around Hyytiälä as a practice area for forestry students, and the first students came to Hyytiälä. Accommodation was arranged in nearby houses, e.g. Kallenautio Inn
  • 1911-12: buildings of the old courtyard completed
  • 1935: the planting of memorial spruce stand to celebrate the 25th anniversary
  • 1948: the station was connected to the electric network
  • 1959: Institute-building with auditorium, laboratories and offices was completed
  • 1977: year-round use of Hyytiälä was enabled as the buildings A, B and C together with machinery halls were completed
  • 1995: SMEAR II was completed
  • 2010 - 2017: station belonged to the Department of Forest Sciences
  • 2018: station became an infrastructure unit at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
The photo gallery below displays images originating from the early decades.
Station in 1922Old courtyardIssuing orders in the morning (1943)Peeling potatoes (1945)Saw is hissing (1944)Old dining roomLeisure activitiesStation in maybe 1931Planting trees (1931)Time for skippingConstruction workPassengers on a truckFootball matchTime for partySwimmingTrenching at Viheriäsenneva (1931)Marching along the roadFinnish baseballLog floatingBoat tripIn a formMaking measurementsTree nurseryOn a swimming hutOld dining building in maybe 1950Old dining room ready for party (1922)Pyjama party (1922)