Student Information

The default accommodation during the field courses is the old student building, Impivaara, which includes 20 rooms for 2 to 3 persons each. A smaller group of students will stay in the shared rooms of building A. In the evenings and weekends, own food can be cooked in the building A and sometimes in the old dining building. The rooms must be kept clean by the students themselves.

Equip­ment and gear

It is obligatory to bring your own

  • sheets and towels
  • clothes and gloves suitable for field work
  • rainwear, warm clothes
  • accessories for taking notes, pocket calculator
  • bicycle during some course periods

A compass and a knife also often turn out to be useful, as well as any course literature. If necessary, you can contact the station office to rent a bicycle. However, there are not enough bikes to rent for the whole course.


The course fee for students includes full-board with accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. A full fee is charged for each course day except Friday, which does not include the dinner. The course housekeeper takes care of collecting the fees from the individual students and then arranges the payment with the office. Individual students may pay the course fee directly to the office only in special cases. Finnish bank cards and both Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are generally accepted.


There is an extra fee for pets and you must check in advance if there are rooms available suitable for pets.

The course organizer will inform about any special arrangements. Accommodation typically takes place in twin rooms in building A. Students with an appropriate student card receive supported meal prices if paying by themselves.