Meeting Facilities

There is an auditorium for 100 persons and two seminar rooms for either 15 or 30 persons, which all have fixed AV-equipment. Many additional rooms are available for group work etc., and can be fitted up with portable AV-equipment.

The station can provide lodging for up to 170 persons in summer and 100 persons in winter. Short-term accommodation is arranged in shared flats typically with six two-person bedrooms and a shared kitchen, lounge, toilets and shower. Family apartments and single rooms also available.

Old dining room is a popular place for evening gatherings and partying. Seating for dining can be arranged for up to about 90 persons. The room can be equipped with a sound amplification system and other AV equipment. Wireless internet is also available.

Other arrangements for partying are also possible, including other buildings, outdoor events, saunas, barbecue hut etc.

Station kitchen can provide full meals on workdays, and weekend services are negotiable. The choices range from everyday meals at the cafeteria to finer dinners served at the old dining room.