Most guests will be accommodated in the building A, B or C. The old wooden houses mainly serve as long-term summer accommodation. Virtually each room is located in a shared apartment, which has a common kitchen, lounge, toilets and showers. Some family apartments are also available. The bedrooms include all bedding and towels.

If you arrive outside office hours, please contact the office to request a code number for unlocking the entrance.

Check your room location on the ground level noticeboard of building A. Keys can be found placed in your room lock, or inside. Fill in the accommodation form and leave it on the table at your room or return to the office.

Please vacate your room before 12am on the day of departure and pay in the office (if applicable). Other arrangements can be negotiated at the office. When departing, please leave your keys on the table or the door at your room. If you happen to take any keys with you, please return them by mail.

If you forget your keys inside, unlocking can be done by the janitor ("kiinteistönhoitaja"). There will be an unlocking fee outside the office hours.

Laundry can be washed and dried close to the side entrance on the second floor of building A.

Mail delivery and collection takes place at about 9 - 11. Mail will be delivered in the mailboxes located on the upper floor corridor in the Institute-building. There is a blue box for outgoing mail.

Pets are allowed only in restricted areas. Please negotiate the arrangements beforehand.