Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station provides a meeting place close to nature by a lake in the middle of forests. Besides the educational and scientific use of the University of Helsinki itself, the station facilities can be hired by external groups for educational events,courses, meetings, parties etc. Below you can find a summary of the station resources, detailed information at the stations own www-page.

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station belongs to the Infrastructure units of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki. Its mission is to enable forestry teaching and research in the field conditions. Hyytiälä was originally established as a forestry station but nowadays encompasses a wide array of international interdisclipinary research at multiple scales of ecosystems and atmosphere. The station is located in the middle of extensive state-owned forests and peatlands where research access to many types of field sites can usually be arranged. The station hosts year-round facilities for field work and scientific meetings (lecture rooms, equipment, laboratory, accommodation, catering, transportation).

The station operates many long-term field measurement sites that may provide useful background information for field studies. The station incorporates SMEAR, the world-class station for measuring ecosystem-atmosphere relations. SMEAR operates continuously and monitores variables related forest ecophysiology and productivity, soil and water balance, meteorology, solar and terrestrial radiation, fluxes, ambient concentrations, atmospheric aerosols, deposition etc. SMEAR provides open data applicable as supplementary information for many studies.

Equipment is readily available for forest mensuration, and for collecting, processing and measuring samples of material from trees and other plants.

  1. Continuous monitoring of forest, lake and peatland processes and atmospheric variables. Open access through https://avaa.tdata.fi/web/smart/smear
  2. Research access to nearly 40 km2 of surrounding state-owned forests, peatlands and small lakes. Significant nature conservation areas nearby. Data on forest types, stand characteristics etc. available.
  3. Sampling permits to commercial stands readily available, even large-scale experiments negotiable.
  4. Versatile equipment for forest mensuration, and for collecting, processing and measuring samples of material from trees and other plants. Canopy access through measurement towers within a Scots pine stand.
  5. Year-round facilities for field work and scientific meetings (lecture rooms, equipment, laboratory, wood and metal workshops, accommodation, catering, transportation).
  6. Long series of field measurements covering tree and forest development, management options and experimental treatments. Access through http://www.helsinki.fi/hyytiala/english/eng_koealat.htm
  7. Central location within Finland enables efficient travel for longer sampling trips.
  8. Multidisciplinary networks of scientists operate at Hyytiälä. The station can provide help for finding contacts and aid in planning field work.
  9. A good choice of forest industry located nearby.
  10. Laboratory facilities for basic analyses as well as for pre-treatment and storage of samples for later processing.

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station provides year-round facilities for field work in forest environment and peatlands, including: easily accessible field sites, measurement gear, laboratory facilities, accommodation, catering and different means of transportation. Laboratory facilities enable pre-treatment and storage of samples for more advanced analyses to be conducted later. Continuous monitoring of environmental variables in nearby measurement stations (SMEAR etc.) provides useful background information as open data.

Currently active research fields include Ecosystem processes, which cover different aspects of tree physiology, soil processes and the flows of matter and energy between the forests, peatlands, atmosphere and aquatic ecosystems; Atmospheric processes and their interaction with ecosystem processes at multiple scales from molecular dynamics to earth-system models;  different aspects of Peatland ecology, including carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions of peatland areas and the effects of drainage and restoration of peatlands; remote sensing of different vegetation attributes and in forest mensuration; different aspects of Forest management through long term growth monitoring of different stand types, and experiments or educational demonstrations covering different management practices.

Active research projects link Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station to a wide national and international collaboration network, including infrastructure networks, research collaboration, corporate collaboration, and outreach. Learn more from the station's own website.

Accommodation prices are valid for UH life science researchers. The prices in € are presented with and without VAT. Board and lodging (full board) includes: breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and accommodation in two bed rooms in a shared flat (linen included in the price). Public turns in sauna are also included. Single rooms are available for an extra fee of 10 € / day. The shared flats include a small kitchen, living room, toilet and a shower. Additional services negotiable.

Item VAT 0 % VAT included (10 %, 14 % or 24 %)
Breakfast 3.68 4.20
Lunch 6.32 7.20
Coffee 2.63 3.00
Dinner 6.32 7.20
Accommodation 2 person per room 23.64 26.00
Accommodation 1 person per room 32.73 36.00
Total (2 person room) 42.59 47.60
Total (1 person room) 51.68 57.60
Sauna ask ask

Boat and car usage is charged by hour, day or km according to the table. Research groups should contact the station director for more information.

Vehicle h / d / km VAT 0 % VAT included (24 %)
Snowscooter h 16.13 20.00
Cars km 0.40 0.50
Reservation fee for cars   5.00 6.20
Bicycle d 1.61 2.00