Postdoctoral researcher Tuomas Aivelo is disease ecologist and evolutionary parasitologist. He has studied both small mammals and their pathogen vectors and developed new methods for identifying parasites and study their co-occurrences within host individuals. He defended his PhD thesis "Longitudinal monitoring of parasites in individual wild primates" in University of Helsinki in 2015 and then did his first postdoctoral project with tick microbiota in Barbara Tschirren's group in University of Zürich, Switzerland. He joined HURP in January 2018 to start the ecological and parasitological aspects of the project.

Nina Nygren is a senior lecturer in environmental politics in University of Tampere. She has studied urban human-wildlife relations and nature conservation conflicts. She has specialized in deliberative and participatory research and multidisciplinary cooperation.

Otso Huitu is a principal research scientist in Natural Resources Institute Finland. He has studied population dynamics of small mammals, plant-herbivore interactions and pest management. At the moment, Otso is also involved in research project which surveys the damages caused by rodents in agricultural setting and pathogen spread in domestic-wild animal interface.

Santtu Pentikäinen joined the Helsinki Urban Rat Project in March 2020 to do his PhD on movement ecology and population dynamics of city rats. He is interested in finding out how various environmental and demographic factors and human actions, intended or accidental, can effect rat populations in urban areas. Santtu did his MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in University of Helsinki in 2019. In his thesis, he studied how captive breeding changes the behaviour of endangered steelhead trout, based on his work with wild and hatchery-reared steelhead in Oregon.