About the lab

The Media Lab is journalism education hub where new forms of journalism and communication are developed and tested. It also provides an open meeting opportunity for students, teachers, researchers and people working in the fields of media, journalism and communications.

The dizzyingly rapid development of digital technologies continues to pick up speed, and is in many ways changing how we work. These radical changes are resulting in new requirements for journalism and communications professionals. Digital technology and data, cooperation, openness and entrepreneurship are the new buzzwords for education and research in this area. Consequently, journalism students must develop a professional identity based on lifelong learning.

At the same time, the traditional core skills of journalism must be maintained. Such skills include the ability to quickly find what is relevant in a great flood of information, critically evaluate the veracity of the discovered information, and relay it in a compelling manner. Combining the old and new also means that the basic values of journalism must be strengthened further, as journalistic ethics form the foundation of believable and reliable communication.

Courses organised within the Media Lab enable both journalism students and working journalists to acquire new tools and methods. The laboratory also organises meetings and seminars where the Swedish School of Social Science and the media can interact. One of the laboratory’s most important duties is promoting new research in journalism, communication and the media. The laboratory cooperates with the Arcada University of Applied Sciences in a variety of projects.

The Media Lab programme statement (in Swedish) from May 2012, when it commenced operations.