Listing of publications published in the SHARE project or related to the SHARE project.


Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Cultural Heritage - Balancing Interests via a User-Centric Approach
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Repairing and re-using from an exclusive rights perspective: towards sustainable lifespan as part of a new normal?
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Protecting Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Through a Holistic Principle-Based Approach
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Barriers, enablers and market governance: A review of the policy landscape for repair of consumer electronics in the EU and the U.S. 
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Regulating Nature in Law Following Weak Anthropocentrism: Lessons for Intellectual Property Regimes and Environmental Ethics
Rosa Maria Ballardini and Corinna Casi, 2021, In : Retfaerd, 167, 4, p. 17-38.

Developing Novel Property Concepts in Private Law to Foster the Circular Economy
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European Steps to the Right to Repair: Towards a Comprehensive Approach to a Sustainable Lifespan of Products and Materials?
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