Call for Papers
PhD student workshop “Digitalization and the ageing workforce”
24.11.2021, online event


Workshop topic
Digitalization has created a sea change in contemporary societies, social interaction and individual practices. The increased use of computer-based products and solutions drives economic change and growth. Also, it deeply affects our lives, e.g., how we work and communicate. One particularly critical effect is had on extended working lives, meaning on workforce participation until a later age. Policymakers seek to extend working lives in order to counter the effects of population ageing, but digitalization may counteract this goal. Most older individuals need re-training in digital tasks to avoid unemployment and early retirement. This need intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, when work practices were further digitalized to enable home office, telecommuting and distance work. At the same time, digitalization has transformative effects, potentially allowing older individuals to work in a new way that may be more suitable to their needs. This workshop focused on PhD (and advanced Master’s) students will discuss how digitalization and the ageing workforce co-develop.

Examples of topics to be addressed include:

  • Training older workers in digital skills
  • Retirement as a reaction to digitalization
  • How older workers do or do not benefit from digitalization
  • How others perceive older workers in times of digitalization
  • Older workers’ attitudes and affective responses to digitalization
  • Digitalization across the life-course
  • Older workers in home office during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Policies for older workers in digitalizing workplaces
  • Role of digitalization in care and therapy of older workers
  • How the workforce changes in times of population ageing and digitalization

Workshop content
During the workshop, the participants and senior researchers will engage in a discussion. The participants will present their research and receive feedback from senior researchers, . Moreover, the senior researchers will present their initial findings from the project “Older workers and the digitalization of work in the Nordic countries”. There will be time allocated for discussions and networking.
The senior researchers acting as discussants will include: Prof. Andreas Motel-Klingebiel (Linköping University, Sweden), Associate prof. Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen (University of Helsinki, Finland), University Lecturer Roger Norum (Oulu University, Finland), Senior Researcher Katharina Herlofson (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway), Senior Researcher Tale Hellevik (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway), and research prof. Per Erik Solem (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway).  

How to apply
To apply for the workshop, send an abstract including your name and institutional affiliation of max. 250 words) to Visa Rantanen at by October 18, 2021.
The accepted participants submit a draft paper (max. 8 000 words) or their presentation by November 17, 2021.
Applications from PhD students, interested postdoctoral researchers, and experienced Master students are welcome.
There is no participation fee.

The CfP can also be downloaded as a pdf-file: