My main task is to implement a software package for probabilistic taxonomic classification (PROTAX) which is intended to be used in classifying environmental fungal samples based on next-generation sequencing data. In addition, I have written a software package for simulating point process models (ppsimulator).

Panu Somervuo's University of Helsinki research portal profile

I am a data scientist and an amateur nature photographer. I have a PhD in computer science (statistical model selection) and my research is thereafter mainly focused on different themes in theoretical ecology. My current work is to improve automated species identification based on camera trapping data.

Tommi Mononen's University of Helsinki Research Portal profile

I am an ornithologist and an ecologist. My PhD thesis evaluated how conservation measures can mitigate the negative impacts of climate and environmental change on birds. Previously I worked in the Finnish bird monitoring scheme. In LIFEPLAN my task is to run a citizen science project assisting the development of global automated bird sound identification software.

Petteri Lehikoinen's University of Helsinki Research Portal Profile

I'm the LIFEPLAN coordinator in Helsinki, responsible for contact with sampling teams and general project overseeing. I have an MSc in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Helsinki. I have coordinated several distributed experiments and sampling efforts in ecology, at national, regional and global scales. I also worked as database manager for the Research Center for Ecological Change REC. 

Bess Hardwick's University of Helsinki research portal profile

I’m the coordinator for the LIFEPLAN team here in Uppsala. I’m in charge of logistics for the worldwide campaign and am project manager for the Nordic and Malagasy campaigns. I have a PhD in environmental science and have done field work in Scotland, Malaysia and Panama where I studied the effects of loss of forest biodiversity on plant-soil interactions.

My background is in ethology and conservation biology. I have an interest in how human activity impacts biodiversity and species distribution. For the last few years I have worked on research projects focusing on biodiversity and conservation in Canada. With LIFEPLAN I work as a research assistant on the team in Uppsala, Sweden. There I work with the hierarchical data collection, sample processing, and logistics.   

I work as a research assistant in the LIFEPLAN team in Uppsala, Sweden, conducting a combination of field and laboratory work. I employ a wide array of molecular and microbiological techniques. I finished my university studies in Environmental Science and I started my PhD at Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Microbiology, Hungary. For the last two years I have been working at Uppsala University, Department of Ecology and Genetics/Limnology as a research assistant. I participated in projects working on microbial and functional diversity of freshwater systems with a special focus on carbon and nitrogen cycling. 

I am a research assistant with the LIFEPLAN team in Uppsala. My tasks involve data collection in the field, data processing in the lab and logistical tasks. I have a MSc degree in nature management from the University of Copenhagen and I have worked on several biodiversity and conservation projects in Denmark, such as biodiversity in managed vs unmanaged forests and rewilding with large grazers.